During our nine years in the energy industry, we have been providing services to asset owners that have decided to divest some of their portfolio, buyers who are looking for specific types of assets and equity funds that are expanding their portfolios with a balanced mix of energy generation asset types.  This gives us a unique perspective on valuation in the current energy markets and methods of completing transactions that provide value to both buyer and seller. 

Our services can be structured in any way that benefits the transaction.  We perform consulting services on an hourly basis or as a success fee (based on the value of the transaction).  Please contact us and we can discuss our capabilities and how we can help you acquire new assets or divest assets that no longer fit in your portfolio.

Find Your Power

Power Development Partners provides services to buyers and sellers of energy assets.  We help clients balance their energy portfolios by purchase or divestiture of energy generation asset types.  Our clients are asset owners, equity funds and energy consortiums.  We provide perspective on current energy markets and valuation for both buyer and seller.

Using our resources and experience, we will help structure a transaction to achieve all of your goals.    Power Development Partners will find the best solution to optimize the value of your assets. We can help you with raising equity for development, divesting assets no longer needed or monetizing assets at the peak of their value.  Our experience can power you to your future.