Experience the Difference

Founded in 2001 by Gregory Martinsen, Power Development Partners has worked with numerous utility and IPP clients to help them divest assets that no longer make an adequate contribution to their portfolio's.  We have become highly specialized in understanding the value of an asset and the importance of finding the right buyer for an asset.  There is a perfect buyer for every asset and the challenge is to find the perfect buyer. 

We have worked with numerous utilities, IPP's, equity funds and income trusts in order to optimize the value of an asset by finding the buyer whose portfolio can optimally benefit from the assets contribution.  This approach optimizes the value of any asset for both Seller and Buyer in any transaction.  Sellers get an optimized price for their non-conforming asset and Buyers get to negotiate for an asset that is immediately accretive to their portfolio.

Gregory Martinsen - President

Gregory Martinsen founded Power Development Partners, Inc. in 2001 and serves as the President/CEO.  He has been actively involved in the development, financing and acquisition of power generation facilities for numerous clients in the US and Canada.  He has 35 years of experience in the energy industry providing business and financial consulting services to industrial and utility clients.  Prior to founding Power Development Partners, Mr. Martinsen was Vice President of Project Development at Primary Energy Inc. (a Nisource subsidiary) where he was responsible for development of both power plants and integrated industrial energy facilities.  In 1998, Greg founded and was Vice President and General Manager of Unicom Power Holdings, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, a Chicago-based regulated utility with un-regulated subsidiaries. 

Robert P. Mattis - Associate

Robert Mattis was previously Senior Vice President of Project Finance at Access Industries in New York where he was responsible for acquisitions of both power plants and integrated electric utilities in North America and Europe.  Mr. Mattis was Senior Vice President of PBC Capital, a wholly-owned subsidiary of  Palmer Bellevue Corporation, a Chicago-based regulatory and financial consulting firm.  He held the position of Assistant Vice President at Westpac Banking Corporation where he was responsible for the marketing of financial services to independent power companies and unregulated utility subsidiaries.  Mr. Mattis was responsible for a $300 million portfolio of cogeneration projects based in several Westpac offices in the U.S.  Mr. Mattis has extensive experience in the areas of project finance, marketing, and project management.